Bridal party jewellery combo: brooches and bracelets

From: R 1,160.00 R 580.00

Your wedding day is that special time where you want everything to look perfect. Son of Burnard has put together 4 beautiful packages of jewellery for your bridal party that will make sure everyone looks beautiful. This set combines our handsome Wooden Brooches for groomsmen with the comely  Layered Bracelets for the bridesmaids (and whoever else might need them!). You get to choose how many of each piece of jewellery you want, what kind of wood the brooches come in, as well as the colour of the layered bracelets and the metal used for the casing. Customise your jewellery so that it fits your wedding perfectly!

All Son of Burnard jewellery is handmade with precision and elegance. If you have special requests, please feel free to get in touch. We’ll make sure we do what we can to make exactly what you want.

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